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Serve Watermelon Like An Engineer With This Cool Party Trick

Innovative party tricks are hard to come, especially the ones that don’t involve booze in one form or another. So if you are looking for a simple yet incredible party trick, you have clicked the right post! But be warned, this includes peeling watermelon very carefully for some time. So, if you can’t handle a melon, best get an expert to do it for you. In most cases, it would be your mom or spouse so don’t make her mad for some time.

Why the watermelon? Because of the sheer size of the fruit and its contents qualified it for a party trick capable of lasting long rather than the bananas and the oranges. You will be surprised to see who actually did this trick. It was former NASA engineer named Mark Rober who has his own Youtube channel nowadays named Creativity Design Science that shows some engaging videos. This one appears as if you are skinning the watermelon in front of other people. Here is how he achieved it:

First peel off all the skin of the melon

Now you can cut around the edges to have it a round appearance.

He wanted it completely smooth like an oval bole so it he even used some scrubbing pads and sandpaper.

Now he halved another watermelon to make a the fake caps and makes them as smooth as possible from the inside.

Now cover the fruity egg with these fruit caps. Bazzinga! It looks so real.

He has a thing for watermelons. Previously, he made this cute juicy melon DIY that had more than 5.5 million hits on Youtube!