LeanChair Offers A Healthy Alternative To Sitting On Office Chairs For Hours

LeanChair – The Compromise Between Sitting And Standing

If you work in an office, we have bad news for you. Sitting for hours at your desk is harmful for your body. It is affecting your health and despite understanding that and coming up with standing desks, the problem persists. Why? Because standing has its own problems and is uncomfortable as well. The LeanChair provides a good solution that lies in between both extremes. It will reduce the risks associated with the sitting and will also help in alleviating your legs by taking some of the weight off them.LeanChair – The Compromise Between Sitting And Standing 2

For those who sit at their desk for hours without any movement; it is not good for your muscles, back, neck, circulation and also increases the odds of you getting cancer, diabetes and heart disease. LeanChair has been designed by a software developer, Wayne Yeager and offers a unique approach. It sports a cushioned body sport along with a little backwards inclination that you can lean back against and also features a foot rest for supporting users.

Yeager claims that the LeanChair will take about 25% of the weight off of the user’s legs thus making it more easy and comfortable for users to stand when it comes to standing for longer periods of time as compared to standing desks. Apart from all this, the LeanChair also supports a built-in swing-arm work-surface that offers quite a well-positioned platform for the user’s notepad or laptop.LeanChair – The Compromise Between Sitting And Standing 3

As of now, funds are being generated on Kickstarter and if you pledge $255, you will be getting a unit of LeanChair when it rolls out. If all goes well, shipping will start from November this year.

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