Leaked Pictures Show What The New Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Look Like

S7 leaked pic

The Galaxy S7 is the latest opportunity for Samsung to respond to Apple’s increasing hold of the market and series of innovations. Leaked pics of the latest flagship smartphone were just released by less-than-reliable sources in Vietnam which we got through Nowhereelse.fr. Now we know how everybody had been claiming computer-generated pictures of the latest smartphone series as the new pics of the S7 but we knew better. Now that we have an actual photograph, we can make certain predictions about how it is going to be like.
S7 leaked pic

The first thing that appears to be on the cards is that the Korean company has probably ditched the premium glass body that became so iconic with the latest S6 last year. Now looking at the picture shows us that Samsung has changed its mind and either we will be seeing the same-old plastic or composite surface all over again or they have come up with another base material for the smartphone’s body.

Also, the S6 had a camera that protruded a bit from the back, but now the new phone will probably have a flat camera on the same old curved body like last year. Other than that, it appears mighty similar to the last year’s S6 in appearance. The Samsung’s camera is also rumored to be downgraded to 12 megapixels instead of an upgrade. But, all is not lost as different technology can mean better pictures even in lesser number of megapixels. Just ask Apple!

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