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Lamborghini Unveils Its Ugliest SuperCar For 4 Million Dollars!





Lamborghini marked its 50th anniversary in March of this year by unveiling the lamborghini Veneno. The new car is being touted by Lamborghini as a “Race car and a road going super car” based on its ancestor, the lamborghini Aventador. Keeping everything very angular and sharp has been the focus of the designers when they were designing the exterior. Though most of the car enthusiasts and car reviewers are of the view that the Veneno has been overdone in the design department, the car surely packs some real punch when it comes to performance. Boasting a 12 cylinder 6.5 liter engine thats been coupled with a 7 speed transmission, the car can go from 0-100 km/hr in just 2.8 seconds. The total engine output is a whopping 750 BHP. The car also comes with 5 different driving modes to suit the driver’s style of driving. To get maximum performance, the car is a permanent 4 wheel drive.

Lamborghini has decided to keep the car very exclusive for now. They have made it possible by keeping the price tag of the car at a hefty $4 Million and only 3 of these are being produced. The best part, they have already been purchased by 3 lucky owners. Check out some of the pictures of this new super car at its unveiling ceremony and tell us in comments if you find the car worth it for 4 million dollars!