Lamborghini Has Revealed Its First All-Electric Hypercar – And It Will Have More Than 1,341 Hp

Embarking on a mission toward a more sustainable future, the renowned Italian performance car manufacturer, Lamborghini, has set its sights on electrification. Marking a significant milestone in this journey, Lamborghini has taken the wraps off its inaugural all-electric car, the Lanzador.

A manifestation of the brand’s forward-looking strategy, the Lanzador introduces a new paradigm known as the “Ultra GT.” As Stephan Winkelmann, the Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, articulates, this revolutionary approach promises to offer drivers an unprecedented and distinctly Lamborghini driving experience made possible by pioneering technologies.

The Lanzador is a fusion of a high-riding SUV and a sleek coupe infused with design influences from Lamborghini’s Urus and Sian models. This design convergence has gained substantial popularity. At a height of 5 feet (1.5 meters), the Lanzador’s aesthetics blend the elegance of a coupe with the commanding presence of an SUV, promising both style and practicality. Its elevated stance and seating for four passengers underscore its adaptability for daily driving.

Although specifics about the Lanzador’s powertrain remain confidential, Lamborghini has revealed the presence of dual electric motors—one for each axle—culminating in a formidable all-wheel-drive capability. With a combined power output exceeding one megawatt (equivalent to 1,341 horsepower), the Lanzador pledges a thrilling performance. The car’s dynamic prowess is further amplified by its active aerodynamics technology, enabling on-the-fly adjustments to enhance driving dynamics and range across various conditions.

The Lanzador’s agility is a hallmark feature, made possible by its steerable rear axle and air suspension, both conveniently controllable via steering wheel interfaces. The vehicle’s interior, drawing parallels to the cockpit of an aircraft, is a testament to Lamborghini’s driver-centric philosophy. Employing sustainable practices, the interior materials encompass environmentally-friendly choices like Merino wool and regenerated carbon fiber. By ingeniously using 3D technology, Lamborghini has even incorporated recycled fibers into specific components, underscoring their commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing.

In many ways, the Lanzador offers a glimpse into Lamborghini’s imminent future. A cornerstone of Lamborghini’s comprehensive €1.9 billion ($2 billion) electrification plan, introduced in 2021, the Lanzador serves as a prelude to Lamborghini’s journey towards introducing hybrid versions of existing models before eventually submitting a fully electric model by 2028.

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