Kyrgyzstan Health Minister Endorses Poisonous Root As COVID-19 Cure

Many of the online available cures for COVID-19 are fraudulent. However, a state official shouldn’t endorse any of them like this poisonous treatment to kill the virus termed as effective by the health minister of Kyrgyzstan.

False news and false treatment of the prevalent virus have been one major reason for its spread and the world not tackling it so far. Fraudulent cures are one thing; even alarming is that many spread false news online to earn more, and a considerable population still believes that the virus doesn’t even exists, stating that it is just a lie.

Poison to treat virus? And also, stating that it might cause death if not consumed with the directed guidelines all seem like alarming news for Kyrgyzstan and others in the world to believe the health minister. His controversial statement on the Covid-19 cure has endangered a decent number of the population within Kyrgyzstan and out of its borders.

With the new strain of the virus, Kyrgyzstan is facing severe effects in other parts of the world. Its health minister has termed the Aconite Root as an effective way to kill the virus swiftly to tackle it down. Also, he emphasized that the poisonous root be used after boiling. While the mix is hot, he stated of not consuming any cold drink or a cold edible after consuming the Aconite root as it could cause sudden death, as per the health minister’s statement.

Kyrgyzstan’s health minister, Alimkadyr, also said of consuming the poisonous root himself when he was in the jail and gave the mix to other prisoners who were tested positive for the virus. According to his statement, the poisonous root treatment miraculously cured the patients of their symptoms, and he said of closely witnessing this himself.

“There is no harm to health,” the Health Minister said. “You need to drink it hot, and in two or three days, the positive PCR test result disappears, and the person immediately becomes better.”

While stating the dangers, the poisonous root brings along if mixed with something cold, the minister said, “even if you drink it hot and then have cold water or ice cream, you can die.”

According to PubMed, the root is life-threateningly toxic despite having been used in traditional medicine. “Aconitine and related alkaloids found in the Aconitum species are highly toxic cardiotoxins and neurotoxins. The wild plant (especially the roots and root tubers) is extremely toxic. Severe aconite poisoning can occur after accidental ingestion of the wild plant or consumption of an herbal decoction made from aconite roots,” PubMed said.

Dangerous and crazy cures on Covid-19 have surfaced earlier, and these treatments could be harmful to your own and your family’s wellbeing.

FDA recently released a statement on these fraudulent cures, “Some people and companies are trying to profit from this pandemic by selling unproven and illegally marketed products that make false claims, such as being effective against the coronavirus.” Moreover, it said, “These fraudulent products that claim to cure, treat, or prevent COVID-19 haven’t been evaluated by the FDA for safety and effectiveness and might be dangerous to you and your family.”

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