This Shape-Shifting Kormaran Boat Is The Luxury Watercraft Of Your Dreams

Boating is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are a fan of luxury boating, Kormaran K7 is bound to make you drool over it. The luxury boat can transform itself into a catamaran, trimaran, monohull, or even a hydrofoil. The flexibility and versatility of the Kormaran ensure the perfect comfort and class of a luxury craft. The founder and the inventor of Kormaran, Oliver Kormann says,

“The KORMARAN K7 is a real eye-catcher, technologically unmatched, promising a thrilling experience.”

Image Credits: Kormaran

Kormaran used a HoloLens mixed reality technology to showcase the high-tech luxury K7 at the Dubai International Boat Show this year. The 23-foot Kormaran K7 can change both its shape and pilot setting with the push of a button. The transformer hull is made up of carbon fiber and electronically activated titanium and stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, which allow light boat to absorb sufficient force. When the hydraulic arms are drawing inward, hulls fold into a monohull watercraft. When the hulls are partially deployed, the body stands above the water surface and serves as dual hulls of a catamaran. When deployed fully, the boat is submerged in water to form a trimaran watercraft. A set of fold-out hydrofoils lifts the body above water, transforming it into a monohull. Monohull offers a smooth ride in the Formula 1-like structure with water resistance reduced by 80 percent which allows it to consume lesser fuel.

Image Credits: Kormaran

If you are not interested in a speed adventure cruise, watercraft offers a lot of luxury features, like sunbathing platform that can be expanded using butterfly doors. To enjoy the luxurious ride, it has leather interior and the modern onboard computing system. As the company likes to put it:

“KORMARAN can be elegantly transformed into a luxury island with a multi-functional platform for sunbathing, diving & swimming, partying or just chilling in a comfortable lounge.”

The engine performance of the K7 is as promising as its luxurious exterior. Standard driving mode is the powerboat form. It uses both hull engines and dual jet drives in the catamaran setting. The engine offers a horsepower of upto 900 hp depending upon the configuration. At maximum power, the craft can go to the maximum speed of 50 knots (57mph) in the powerboat mode, and 40 knots (46 mph) in the hydrofoil setting; best configuration for cruising shallow water as stated by the company.

Image Credits: Kormaran

Before showcasing, the boat was put through various stages of Finite Element Methods testing and Computational Flow Dynamics analysis.

Image Credits: Kormaran

The price tag on the luxury Kormaran K7 is $1.3 million to $2.7 million (€1,200,000 to €2,500,000) as the company announced that it would customize each unit as per the taste of every customer. Sadly, the boat is meant to be exclusive, so the company is only making these 50 highly priced units. The company describes:

“It is also a state of the art in cutting edge technology and a statement of today’s possibilities in design and styling without compromising customer’s desires and demands.”

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