Koenigsegg Has Called Out Bugatti – And They Are Getting Ready For 310-MPH Top Speed Record Attempt

Christian von Koenigsegg, the driving force behind Koenigsegg Automotive, is setting his sights on shattering the production car’s top speed record with the Jesko Absolut. With aspirations to reach an astounding 310 mph, Koenigsegg aims to demonstrate the real-world capabilities of this high-performance machine, challenging industry norms and pushing the boundaries of speed.

The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut boasts the same formidable engine and power output as its standard counterpart, the Jesko—a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 generating 1,625 horsepower on E85 fuel. However, what sets Absolut apart is its streamlined aerodynamic package and refined suspension, optimized for maximum straight-line speed. Designed to cut through the air with unparalleled efficiency, the Absolut promises blistering acceleration and enhanced stability at high speeds.

In a recent interview with Carup, Koenigsegg expressed confidence in the Jesko Absolut’s capability to exceed 310 mph based on theoretical models. Pursuing this ambitious goal comes in response to previous top speed records set by competitors like Bugatti and SSC, which Koenigsegg challenges due to factors such as non-production-spec vehicles and single-direction runs.

Koenigsegg criticizes Bugatti’s top speed record achieved with the Chiron, citing deviations from production specifications and the use of purpose-built components. Similarly, SSC’s record attempt is scrutinized for utilizing non-homologated road cars and conducting tests on closed-off proving grounds rather than public roads. In contrast, Koenigsegg emphasizes its commitment to setting records with fully homologated production cars, ensuring that the Jesko Absolut’s achievement will be recognized as a genuine feat.

However, Koenigsegg acknowledges the logistical challenges of achieving such speeds on public roads, requiring extensive planning and coordination to secure a suitable traffic-free location. While the exact location for the record attempt remains undecided, Koenigsegg confirms its intention to pursue this endeavour abroad, acknowledging the difficulty of finding a sufficiently long and safe straight stretch.

If successful, the Jesko Absolut’s record-breaking feat at 310 mph would undoubtedly reverberate throughout the automotive industry, prompting reactions from competitors like Bugatti. With Bugatti’s recent leadership change under Mate Rimac, the outcome of this high-stakes competition for top-speed supremacy remains uncertain, adding an element of anticipation to the hypercar landscape.

Koenigsegg’s pursuit of the production car’s top speed record represents a bold endeavour to redefine performance benchmarks and challenge established norms in the hypercar realm, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in automotive history.

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