Kiravan Is The Most Luxurious Expedition Truck That You Can Buy

A Father’s Gift to Daughter – The KiraVan5

Say hello to the van that has been designed to survive any sort of natural disaster or apocalypse. The KiraVan comes from Bran Ferren, who used to work at Disney. He began building it back in 2010 while aiming to come up with a vehicle that his daughter, Kira, could use to travel around the world while being comfortable, safe and with a minimal impact on the environment.A Father’s Gift to Daughter – The KiraVan8

As per Ferren, he wanted his daughter to be able to travel and see the wonders of the world, but as a father he also wanted to ensure that she would survive this experience. As of now, Ferren is the co-Chairman of AppliedMinds LLC and the vehicle was designed and built here. The van, as you might have guessed already, has been named after his daughter and the design reflects the priorities that Ferren had in its mind; his daughter.A Father’s Gift to Daughter – The KiraVan A Father’s Gift to Daughter – The KiraVan7

KiraVan’s base is a Mercedes-Benz truck and it comes with an attached trailer that houses the living quarters. The basic idea for the vehicle is to be an all-terrain tractor-trailer. One 260hp turbo-diesel engine delivers the power to the Unimog frame of Mercedes-Benz. The van can deliver 2,000 miles when driven in typical condition. The van can store supply to last three weeks for three people.KiraVan - Apr 2014 A Father’s Gift to Daughter – The KiraVan3

The KiraVan has been equipped with the latest technology and features akin to an expedition or survival truck. The advanced communications system along with vehicle positioning and preservation system is quite wonderful. The roof comes with a number of antennas for satellite communication and lights for some high intensity lighting. The KiraVan also has the possibility to control UAVs in order to explore areas that may be dangerous for humans to check out.A Father’s Gift to Daughter – The KiraVan6 A Father’s Gift to Daughter – The KiraVan4

The KiraVan has a full size kitchen with all the commodities that one could ask for. The bathroom has skylight to allow for the best views while taking a shower and all of the waste is incinerated in order to make as little impact on environment as possible. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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