Killer Asteroids Could Be Diverted By…Throwing Satellites At Them

Ever since the studies and research on space have started, there have been ideas about asteroids coming in close contact with the earth. There have been various asteroids that were feared to collide with the planet we reside on and lead to a destructive collision. Scientists are finding ways to escape these collisions or distract the incoming asteroids so there will be no destruction. Multiple ways have been proposed for this reason. Some suggested binding all the asteroids into one to unify their direction, attacking them on their way so they break before entering earth’s orbit, or many more options of this sort.

A recently proposed solution has become popular among scientists. This suggests that the satellites that are already present in the orbits in space will be used as shields against collisions. This means that the satellites will be made to collide with the asteroid to destroy it. This way, the shields will already be outside, and no efforts will be needed to send them into outer space. They will combat the probable attack.

This plan was proposed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and reported to Scientists say that the current satellites are large in number and can be rearranged to make them into a shield to protect the planet. Their sizes and abilities are limited to combat an incoming asteroid with velocity. Another solution is being thought upon that suggests that the satellites that are now being built to be spent to space in the future will have more features installed in them so they can stop a possible asteroid attack. They can have planetary defense upgrades and features that will interrupt the asteroid trajectory well before the time it becomes a threat to the earth. This will require less energy and less damage.

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