Kick People Off Your Netflix Account With This Handy Tool


This year, Netflix finally brought up the issue of individuals sharing passwords with each other and could very soon ban 100 million accounts in just a matter of few weeks. Netflix will launch a crackdown on password sharing in the coming months and will ban all accounts that are being shared across multiple households.

Hence, Netflix is fully investing in tracking down freeloaders and making them pay for their services if they want to access them. Even if you want to share accounts, you will be forced to pay an additional fee. This news was welcomed by some but not by most who use/share accounts.

There are many reports by users who claim that they have realized that their Netflix account is infested with a bunch of strangers who have somehow gained access and are now watching cost-free to their heart’s content. This has become more and more common nowadays.

People realize when they get recommended shows that are completely opposite of what they usually watch, hence realize that someone else is using their account.

For cases like this Netflix’s new tool allowing, you to kick people off your account can come in handy. All you’ve got to do is hop into Settings and find the one which says, ‘Manage Access and Devices’, and then you should get a list of all the places you’re signed into Netflix, and with the click of a button, you can sign yourself out.

Netflix also recommends you change your password if you think someone is watching when you don’t want them to, but now they have a tool that lets you see what devices are using your Netflix and shut them off.

Hoping to gain more subscribers onto cheaper packages, Netflix has been launching subscriptions where you pay less but have to put up with ads, although this has meant certain shows aren’t watchable on the platform if you have ads on.


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