KFC Launches Autonomous Delivery Vehicles In China

Licking your fingers after buying finger-lickin’ good chicken from these autonomous vehicles won’t be a good idea.

Almost a year has passed since the world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. And since then, it has changed our patterns to live at large. Businesses worldwide are adopting contactless payment and delivery systems to ensure survival while maintaining the government regulated SOP.

KFC is leading the game in adopting these new market trends and has introduced autonomous vehicles containing KFC meals in Shanghai, China. Those craving finger-licking meals will be able to satisfy their appetite without interacting with a human.

First spotted by Twitter users

These KFC autonomous vehicles serving food with social distancing protocols were initially spotted by users on Twitter last week. The project is a collaboration between Chinese Tech company ‘Neolix’ and KFC.

It seems that these autonomous vehicles let customers place their desired orders via the screen, and the payment is made through QR code. Once done with the transaction, a door of the self-driven vehicle opens to deliver the order. The process involves a customer and the KFC’s modern machine.

However, it is unknown how the KFC’s autonomous car controls that no one is taking more than what they paid for. A future press release from the giant food chain company might give insight into the used technology.

The Vehicles Are Equipped With Level 4 Autonomous Driving

As per the reports, KFC’s novel vehicle resembles the 5G-connected vehicles used to deliver medicines amidst the pandemic. And those too are manufactured by Neolix Technologies. The vehicle can avoid obstacles ahead of it using its array of sensors. Pizza hut is also said to be working on a similar project with Neolix technologies to get hold of these futuristic autonomous vehicles for their brand.

The news has confirmed that more and more brands will be using this technology to sustain their market. Trends are changing more towards online shopping, and such technologies would aid brands and consumers in the longer run.

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