Keep Cell Phones Away From Your Bodies, Warns California Public Health Department

cell phones

We are all aware of the hazards of cell phones radiations but rarely care about it. Cell phones are now a daily routine necessity of our lives and none of us can sustain to survive a day without it. Recently, the California Department of Public Health (CPDH) has issued a warning about the hazards of cell phones radiations.

The cell phones have revolutionized the communication in the 21st century. These mobiles provide an easy and effective way to communicate with your family, friends and other but can also cause a serious harm to health if used excessively. The CPDH warns people to keep a safe distance to their phones whenever possible so that the radiation exposure can be avoided as much as it can. The cellphones transmit radio and electromagnetic waves and can cause short-term or long-term effects on the health. The warning was issued after a public document of CDPH Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control was analyzed. It was published after an order of the Sacramento Superior Court in 2009.

cell phones

When the signals are received or sent over the cell phone, they emit radio frequency waves. These signals are sent or received from cell towers that can become a serious factor for mental and physical health issues. Cell phone usage all over the world has increased rapidly in the last few years. The body, when exposed to the signals, absorbs a dangerous amount of signals. The quantity of the signals depends upon the phone signals with respect to the distance. A phone held few inches away from the body delivers hundreds of times less radiation than the one held against the skin.

cell phones

CPDH has issued the following guide to reducing the effects;

  • Keep phone away from the body
  • Avoid using phone when it is sending out a high level of radio frequency.
  • When riding a bicycle, use a bike phone mount
  • Don’t sleep next to your phone and avoid placing it near your head
  • Remove the head device when you are not on a call
  • Set the phone on airplane mode when not in use

There were several reviews and meta-analyses conducted over the past decade to summarize the research on hazards of cell phones. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) also suggested that the cell phone users should keep a minimum distance of 20 centimeters from their phones to avoid the radiation exposure.

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