Kawasaki Has Unveiled A Bizarre Ridable Robot Goat

Consider a robot. What examples come to mind? The answer is a goat, according to Kawasaki’s robots division.

Kawasaki is well known for its sporty motorbikes, such as the coveted Ninja series, but the motorcycle manufacturer’s robotics branch has suddenly astonished fans with the debut of a new product that is undoubtedly one of the oddest electric vehicles in existence.

TOKYO, JAPAN - 2022/03/10: A humanoid robot called « RHP Bex » made by Japanese company Kawasaki does a demonstration for audience during the International Robot Exhibition 2022.

Kawasaki unveiled a rideable robot in the style of a goat at the 2022 International Robot Exhibition in Japan’s capital Tokyo. Bex is the name of the machine. It appears to be modeled on the ibex, a type of wild goat. The four-legged robot trotted smoothly but slowly across the stage during the presentation, which can be seen in the video posted below. The video shows an employee wearing a helmet sitting atop the strange electric vehicle.

Kawasaki’s electric goat has a handlebar similar to those found on motorbikes. It can carry people weighing up to 220 lb. The robot can also stoop for more comfortable mounting and dismounting, and its horns appear to be accented by LED lights.

Along with its purportedly modular structure, the machine may be customized with unique additions to increase the electric goat’s freight capacity.

Though the goat robot is sure to amuse the majority, Kawasaki is also working on three new electric motorcycle designs that will be unveiled this year.

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