Kalashnikov Unveils This Hoverbike With 16 Rotors For The Russian Military

After multi-rotor drones became popular, people started to wish for the human-carrying drones. While half of the world is focusing on autonomous vehicles, drones, and flying cars, some are bent on making hoverbikes, unsafe as they might be. The US military recently tested their hoverbike prototype. Now, Kalashnikov, the Russian defense manufacturer, has introduced their very own hoverbike.

The company developed a flying vehicle that made its first appearance a few days ago for demonstrating its features. Designed by Kalashnikov Concern, the hoverbike uses 16 sets of rotors to lift and apparently runs on battery power instead of fuel. Kalashnikov aims to build the future version of this vehicle for the use of Russian military. The inventor of the popular assault rifle AK47, Kalashnikov is working on many other projects like gun production, ammunition, and even combat vehicles and automated gun systems.

The hoverbike lifted by 16 rotors has a seat, a metal skeleton, and joysticks for maneuvering, but no cover yet. A cover shell, shown in the video below, is planned to be added in the future.

Since the vehicle only has blocks that appear to be batteries, it cuts down the extensive weight of the fuel engines and tanks. The only problem is that a battery-powered vehicle can only last for half an hour or so in the air. Before the technology is capable of supporting hours of battery time, this hoverbike will not prove particularly useful.

Once we achieve a technology breakthrough that packs tremendous power in small cells, electric vehicles and hoverbikes will provide an endless array of applications. We look forward to it!


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