Jyrobike Balances Itself and Never Falls Over


Learning how to ride a bike is one of the best experiences in life which accompanies bruises and cuts. A team from Philadelphia has come up with a way to keep this experience cuts and bruises free. The idea that they have conceived has resulted in the creation of Jyrobike – a bike that is capable of keeping it stable and balanced.jyrobike

The working principle is amazingly simple. Having said that let us ask you a question; how do you keep the bike stable? Yes, that’s right; by making sure that it keeps moving because once it stops that means you need to place your feet on the ground to support the bike. The faster you ride the more stable you become owing to the bike’s gyroscopic force. So what’s the deal with Jyrobike?  It comes equipped with a motor assembly which drives a flywheel located inside the front wheel and hence makes sure that even a Jyrobike moving at low speed will be as stable as a quick one.jyrobike3 jyrobike4

You can reduce the gyroscopic balance coming from this balance as you progress towards becoming a better rider. The balance is capable of providing a maximum of 1,550 revolutions per minute. According to its creators; this gadget will allow the kids how to ride a bike in a single day. The flywheel can be removed once you’ve learned how to ride a bike and this removal will result in about 60% reduction in the weight of the bike.

jyrobike6 jyrobike5 jyrobike2The Jyrobike can be ordered on Kickstarter and you can also order the control hub separately. The Jyrobike is priced at $249 while the control hub is priced at $129.


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