Johny Ive Just Designed A New Apple Store In Brussels. Here Is How It looks

apple store6

Apple never ceases to amaze us with its signature design and classy feel. The Macbooks and the iPhones are aesthetic designs that embody design and art that is great to look. Apple is also known for incorporating its personal vibes in everything it makes and this new Apple outlet in Brussels is one of the latest Apple’s endeavors that will make your jaw drop in the face of sheer creativity and class from the tech giant.

The new store was designed by Sir Jonny Ive who has the ultimate say in how Apple’s products look and feel in the hands of customers or this case in their eyes! Steve Jobs was famous for designing the new Apple stores throughout the globe with his amazing vision, but this store designed by Sir Ive is one of the best marketing and PR stunts I have ever seen. Here, see for yourself.

Look at it from the outside. Breathtaking!

apple store7

The 26-feet long glass panels make up most of the walls. They give an unobstructed view!

apple store8

Not like anything we have ever seen. Despite the green initiative of Apple, it does use a lot of timber for its projects.

apple store6

Redwood tables were used to showcase Apple watches.

apple store5

It was also used in the displays of different accessories from Apple.

apple store4

Eight live trees are present in the middle alongside the “genius bar” giving a natural feeling inside of nurturing and creativity.

apple store3

There is a gigantic screen frequently used for promotional videos and demonstrations.

apple store2

A top drawer Apple store in the world.

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