Joe Biden’s Campaign Is Looking To Hire An Experienced Meme Lord

The Biden campaign is treading unexplored waters in the field of political tactics: they’re searching for an experienced master of memes. But this is no laughing matter— it’s a legitimate job offer. Sources reveal that President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is in actual pursuit of an individual who can take charge of their meme administration. This role, under the banner “Partner Manager, Content and Meme Pages,” will see to the daily affairs of connecting with the best content and meme pages on the web; all this while bringing home a paycheck that could be worth as much as $85,000. This indeed does not appear to be a joke!

In this current era of digits, the importance of engaging on the internet cannot be underestimated. Although traditional canvassing is still important, digital organizing has surfaced as an influential instrument to contact voters at their most spent time place, online. The popularity achieved on social media platforms can mean getting in touch with millions of people, which makes a significant part of today’s political campaign— going viral on these platforms.

Despite the seeming absurdity of a professional meme manager, the Biden campaign’s move underscores the recognition that digital outreach is integral to contemporary political communication. Even before this hiring decision, the campaign had already leveraged memes to connect with voters. The infamous Dark Brandon meme, though originating from alt-right conspiracy theories, has become a staple on Biden’s campaign accounts, proving surprisingly effective in engaging supporters and driving revenue.

Notably, former President Donald Trump has also capitalized on memes as part of his campaign strategy. From viral mugshots to merchandise featuring his image, Trump has adeptly wielded internet culture to rally his base.

The significance of online engagement in politics has been further highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated the adoption of digital tactics by campaigns. Initiatives like “the Markeyverse” and meme trainings hosted by organizations like the South Carolina Young Democrats illustrate the growing importance of online activism in shaping political discourse.

While some may view the Biden campaign’s embrace of memes skeptically, especially given potential bans on platforms like TikTok, it underscores a concerted effort to engage with younger demographics. In an era where social media can sway elections, candidates ignore digital outreach at their peril.

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