Jobseeker Becomes Robot To Increase Chances of Landing A Tech Job

jobseeker becomes robot to land job3

Robots are increasingly replacing human beings in industries and commerce alike. More and more people are being fired from their job, and robots are taking over at a drastic pace. It has been recently revealed that Uber, the multi-billion dollar startup will shift towards driverless cars in the coming years and that will render millions of taxi drivers jobless. In addition to semi-skilled workers, skilled workers and college graduates are also facing the cuts due to more and more robots coming in. To demonstrate the state of affairs, this cheeky college lad has dressed up as a robot and added hilarious skill sets to try and get a tech job.

jobseeker becomes robot to land job2

Source: Canu

Canu, the college grad calls himself a human-turned robot with over four years of marketing experience and the ability to download and program other skills if necessary just like any other robot. But, since he is a human-turned robot, he brings certain advantages over a robot as well like not requiring batteries and already assembled and ready to work. But, he fails to mention the downside of getting pay, bathroom breaks and only eight-hour shifts! Now that is what actually concerns industries about human employees.

Uber embraces driverless cars. Lowe’s introduces robots to stock shelves. A company employs a robot as the office manager. With the rise of the robot workforce, one human named Canu decides to join the ranks as a robot.It’s probably the first time in history,” According to Canu.

jobseeker becomes robot to land job

Source: Canu

He is currently hoping to land a job with San Francisco-based tech companies, and that is a little ambitious considering his “limited” set of skills. Maybe they could hire the guy and make him a robot on display or a jester for the CEO. But, his emotional side might not want that kind of job since he is a robot with feelings. Another discomfort!

So, do you agree with this “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” philosophy?

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