Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Reportedly Cost $500 Million – And It Is The Largest Sailing Yacht In The World

This summer, Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of Amazon, embarked on a maritime adventure aboard his newly unveiled megayacht, Koru. A vessel of grandeur and opulence, Koru boasts the title of the world’s largest sailing yacht, measuring a staggering 417 feet.

Commissioned from the Dutch custom yacht builder Oceanco, the construction of Koru spanned several years, culminating in its maiden voyage from the Netherlands to Gibraltar in April. The yacht underwent meticulous sea trials in February, a customary procedure in the final stages of construction. The opulence of Koru is reflected in its deck features—a pool for indulgent relaxation and a prow adorned with a mermaid sculpture, allegedly resembling Bezos’ fiancĂ©e, Lauren Sanchez. Accompanying this maritime marvel is a second “support yacht” equipped with an on-deck helipad, ensuring an unparalleled experience for the power couple.

While cruising along the coasts of Spain, the yacht became the backdrop for Bezos and Sanchez’s engagement announcement. Their summer escapades included visits to the Cannes Film Festival, a sail down the Italian Riviera, and exploration of Croatia’s shores. In August, the yacht transformed into a venue for the couple’s engagement party, drawing an illustrious guest list featuring Bill Gates, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Ari Emanuel, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, the journey aboard Koru was not without turbulence. The yacht’s towering masts posed a predicament, threatening to necessitate the dismantling of a historic bridge in the Netherlands. This sparked local uproar, with residents planning to egg Bezos’ superyacht if the bridge removal proceeded. Faced with public backlash, Oceanco retracted its request for dismantling the bridge, averting a potential controversy.

Notwithstanding the yacht’s extravagant price and the bridge saga, Bezos’ financial status remains formidable, with a net worth well exceeding $100 billion.

Koru, beyond its opulence and with a price tag of approximately $500 million, sailing across European waters, symbolizes not just a luxurious voyage but a statement of affluence and indulgence.

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