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Japanse Startup Is All Set To Provide A Fake Meteor Shower From Space

Astro Live Experiences Is All Set To Provide A Fake Meteor Shower

Astro Live Experiences is a company that has a goal of illuminating the night sky using artificial shooting stars. The company is very close to its cosmic debut. The company will be using a small satellite, ALE-2, that will be launched into orbit on November 25.

Following the launch, the Astro Live Experiences will carry out a number of final tests before it prepares for executing the very first fake meteor shower in 2020. That is to say that if everything goes according to the plan, the night sky will become illuminated by space garbage that will be undergoing ignition in the upper atmosphere.

The satellite by Astro Live Experiences will be launching pellets measure in at a centimeter, and these pellets will incinerate during their re-entry of Earth’s atmosphere. For people who would be looking at the sky from the ground, this will appear similar to the slow-moving shooting stars. These pellets will take anywhere between three and ten seconds to burn away completely.

Lena Okajima, who is the CEO of Astro Live Experiences, said, ‘With this launch, we are a step closer to realiz[ing] the man-made shooting star. Please look forward to the world’s first demonstration we are aiming [for] in 2020, which will be a major milestone for ALE.’