Japanese Rail Workers Build Adorable Track Underpasses For Turtles

Japanese railway workers have come up with an innovative solution to protect turtles from being killed by trains while crossing the tracks. Turtles near Japan’s Nara Prefecture were sometimes getting caught in the switch rail mechanism and getting crushed, causing disruption to train schedules

To prevent further harm to the turtles and minimize train delays, railway workers built U-shaped concrete tunnels beneath the railroad tracks near the switch points. These tunnels provide a safe means for the turtles to cross the tracks. The workers will inspect the tunnels during regular track inspections and relocate any trapped turtles to an aquarium.

Since their construction only a month ago, these tunnels have already saved the lives of ten turtles. According to a spokesperson from West Japan Railway, “the system prevents turtles from getting into accidents and avoids causing trouble for our passengers. We hope to continue using it.”

The tunnels seem to provide enough space for the turtles to cross, although one end of the tunnel appears to be closed off, and it’s unclear if they are designed to keep the turtles inside until the workers can rescue them or guide them in a specific direction.

The construction of these tunnels is an innovative way to prevent turtles from being squashed by trains and keep train schedules on time. By building these tunnels, the railway workers have shown that they care not only about the safety of the passengers but also about the wildlife in the area.

This initiative has set an example for other countries to follow to protect their wildlife from being harmed by modern infrastructure.

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