Japanese Guy Makes A Diamond Ring Using His Nail Clippings

Kiwami Japan Created An Engagement Ring Using His Nail Clippings

If you are among those who cannot afford a diamond ring or simply wish to propose to your beloved in a unique manner, you are going to love this amazing DIY engagement ring. Meet Kiwami, who is a Japanese DIY expert.

Kiwami Japan Created An Engagement Ring Using His Nail Clippings

He is famous for creating extremely detailed videos for crafting sharp knives out of almost anything imaginable. However, this time, he took on a different kind of challenge; he created an engagement ring that featured a gem that was crafted using nail clippings that he had collected over the course of a year.
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Kiwami Japan Created An Engagement Ring Using His Nail Clippings

He kept all of them in a jar, and this summer decided to transform them into a black gem that any woman would definitely want to wear on her finger. At least as long as she doesn’t know what it is made of! The video was shot by Kiwami Japan at the end of July. It went viral after it was picked up by the Hong Kong newspaper, the South China Morning Post. Despite the fact that most of the users who watched the video were disgusted by choice of the material, they did appreciate the process of making this amazing engagement ring.

Kiwami Japan commenced the process by grinding all of the nail clippings into a fine powder and mixing the powder with water in a frying pan. It was then compressed into a small lump by making use of a nut and bolt. He then baked it at 150 degrees Celsius for a couple of minutes until the nail clippings were transformed into a lump of dark clay. For the final touch, he worked on a silver engagement ring and polished the ‘rock’ into a dull black stone that doesn’t resemble his nail clippings at all.

His innovative DIY video has managed to rake in millions of views. One viewer wrote, ‘I’ve never been so disgusted yet amazed at the same time.’ Another wrote, ‘Can’t really decide if this is the worst or best 17 minutes of my life.’

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