Japanese Firm Invents A Cockroach Trap And Tests It With A Sumo Wrestler, Athlete And A Scientist

japanese trap commercial

Modern engineered chemicals have allowed us to revolutionize pest control with innovation and effectiveness. A recent one was made by Earth Chemical, which is a rough translation of a Japanese company that manufactures these modern bug and cockroach traps. Now Japanese are known for their amazing and sometimes crazy creativity in advertisements so here is what the Earth Chemical guys came up with in their latest ad stunt.

So, they came up with a cockroach trap, and they laid it out to see whether a scientist, an athlete or a sumo wrestler could cross it. So basically no human being was able to cross the obstacles onto the other end. So, this giant trap is very effective to deal with smart roaches and insects that seem to wriggle out of every tight corner and lay a million more eggs in a day or two. The company isn’t stopping here as they even make traps big enough for mice and snakes. The reptiles and rodents I can live with since they can be killed to control the population. The insects, however, make it seem they are actually growing in number when you kill some of them!

japanese trap commercial3 japanese trap commercial2

[Source: Earth Chemical]

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