Japanese Company Spends 10 Years To Build Realistic Transformer Robots

brave_robotics_transformer (4)

Brave Robotics, a Japanese company has brought the Transformers to the real world with their 1/12 scale Transform Robot Version 7.2.

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These limited production robots are not easy to make or cheap to buy. It takes about one month to make one model, which comes with a wirelessly remote-controlled Transform Robot and includes wireless internet connected cameras for remote monitoring, and the ability to steer its arms and shoot little plastic darts from them.

brave_robotics_transformer (2) brave_robotics_transformer (1)

The robots come in serial numbered boxes and cost ¥1,980,000 JPY (about $24,000 USD). The concept itself took 10 years to design and the robots are made using a custom 3D printer created by the designer himself. Check out a video of the Transform Robot in action:


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