Japan Unveils Its First Stealth Fighter That Is Invisible To Any Radar

Japan Has Created Its Own Stealth Fighter, X-2

Japan has been striving to build it’s own stealth fighters for years now. It seems they finally have got the breakthrough they were waiting for. What you are looking at is the X-2 stealth fighter that has been created in Japan, domestically. Although the paint job makes it look like it can be spotted from miles away, however, it is being said that it is capable of effectively keeping its presence undetected by enemy radar systems.Japan Has Created Its Own Stealth Fighter, X-2 4

Previously it was known as ATD-X, short form for Advanced Technology Demonstrator X and was manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. The main aim is to come up with replacements for the country’s aging fleet of fighter aircraft. Japan can’t purchase the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptors, therefore, it had to develop its own aircraft that exhibited similar characteristics. The project has so far cost $440 million.Japan Has Created Its Own Stealth Fighter, X-2 2 Japan Has Created Its Own Stealth Fighter, X-2 3

The Japanese Ministry of Defense unveiled the aircraft at Nagoya Airport in Toyoyama. It is scheduled for its maiden flight after mid-February and if all goes according to plan, Japan will become the fourth nation that will be flying its own stealth fighter jet, a club that currently has China, Russia and US as its members only.


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