Japan To Start Issuing Digital Vaccine Passports

The pandemic really has taken the world by storm. With how highly infectious COVID-19 is, preparing measures to identify and check people for the virus, is a daring task. Every country is coming up with its own unique solutions, especially when it comes to traveling.

Like many others, Japan is now set to issue digital health certificates to people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This would enable them to freely travel between countries without too much hassle. The certificate would act as a digital passport. Accessible through a mobile application, the certificate will be in line with international stands and will allow the carrier (passport carrier) to be able to easily present their proof of vaccination when boarding a flight or checking in to a hotel.

China, The European Union, and other countries are also adopting similar measures. No one wants to carry a piece of paper everywhere they go to show that they have been vaccinated. A digital certificate means that it will be harder for a normal person to duplicate it.

The application also aims at foreigners that are currently staying in Japan and would most likely be returning to their home countries. The government is still skeptical about using the passport for local and domestic travel. Japan’s health minister expressed concerns that the documents may lead to discrimination and prejudice.

Certificates have already been issued in paper formats. People who have been vaccinated will be able to attach a vaccination certificate to a special coupon issued by the government. China’s certificate still requires holders to be quarantined after arriving in the country.

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