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Japan Airlines Explains Why Following Safety Instructions Matters

Japan Airlines has made a video that will talk about safety instructions during a flight. Safety becomes of the utmost importance when you are traveling in a commercial airline. The last thing that you want is to end up banging your head because you didn’t pay heed to the strap-in sign when the plane entered turbulent areas or find yourself getting hit with luggage that was not stored properly.

Considering everything, it sure comes as a piece of good news that an airline has helped potential customers by releasing a YouTube video. Japan Airlines will walk you through the safety rules that must be followed from the moment you board the flight to when you get out of the plane. Take the example of baggage placement as an example; placing it at the aisle or any other place where it is not stored properly is a bad idea.

Japan Airlines strongly advises that passengers should keep the seatbelts on for avoiding any undesired movement during turbulence. Similar to other airlines, Japan Airlines prohibits smoking or the use of any electronic device that might emit radio waves. This means that your iPhone or any other smart device has to be either shut down or put in Airplane mode.

Furthermore, Japan Airlines urges you to make use of oxygen masks if they appear. If oxygen masks have been deployed, it is a good idea to use them. Always put on your oxygen mask on first and then help your fellow passengers. If unfortunately, a plane is going to crash, you should take the protective brace position and also grab hold of the life vest that is located either under or aside your seat. Be sure to pull the tab for inflating the life vest when you are leaving the aircraft. If that doesn’t work; blow on the tube for inflating the floating device. 

The video covers everything in detail. It even explains what protocols should be followed during evacuation. Many people, naturally, want to grab their smartphone, laptop, or the carry-on bag, but getting out safely should be the primary focus at such a time. Check out the video below and be sure to follow these safety instructions when you are flying next time!