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James Corden May Have Just Accidentally Revealed How To Hack Your Tesla’s Autopilot

James Corden Told You How To Hack Your Tesla’s Autopilot

James Corden is a very famous host and has millions of followers. During a conversation with musician Reggie Watts, James Corden highlighted that the Tesla’s autopilot could be tricked. Yes, you read it right, Tesla’s autopilot can be tricked. He commented on how the musician used to trick the vehicle by putting weights on the steering wheel, making the Tesla think that his hands were on the steering wheel. This revelation blows Tesla’s ambitions to go autonomous by the end of this year.

The monologue by James Corden was the source of disclosure. First, “Didn’t you create a weight?” and then continued to answer, “Because you’ve got to have your hands on the wheel, so what Reggie did was create a weight on both sides of the steering wheel so that the car thought his hands were on the wheel and then he would just sit back like ‘yeah.’”

Telsa’s drivers have been comfortable using the vehicles and staying in control. But there have been numerous incidents where the car was given charge, and the result was catastrophic. For instance, a 27-year-old Tesla driver killed two individuals when the vehicle ran over a red light. This and many other examples point us in the direction that Musk’s dream of fully autonomous cars is still far-fetched.

Some may criticize that James Corden was irresponsible by letting his audience know how to hoodwink the safety measures. But what he did was show reality to Musk in his pursuit to achieve self-driven cars in letter and spirit. Nonetheless, the best thing is to keep hold of your steering wheel and stay safe while driving.

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