Here Are Some Cool DIY Experiments With Gallium – The Liquid Metal

Gallium is one the very few metals on our planet that can turn into a liquid at room temperature.  Gallium is a brittle solid at low temperatures changes its form as a liquid at temperatures higher than 29.76 °C (85.57 °F), which is slightly above room temperature.

So what can you do with this amazing property of gallium? Unlike mercury, gallium isn’t poisonous so you can easily play around with the shiny liquid metal and watch it turn from solid to liquid on your palm. But give it to an eccentric YouTuber, and he’ll come up with a ton of vain yet interesting “experiments” like casting shapes out the metal and using it to blow up a coke can!

Most of them are hits and misses, but it’s still fun to watch the Youtuber Collins Key making a fool out of himself with the all amazing liquid gallium.

In another experiment,  gallium is in use as a “beating heart” where the element is immersed in sulfuric acid and a dichromate solution. The metal looks like an organic beating heart due to the gallium sulfate increasing its surface tension.

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