Istanbul Could Soon Become An Island

Turkey is perceived to be one of the most cultural countries in the world. Quite recently, it has become a tourist hub for people from all over the globe. The increased exposure it is getting along with enhanced mechanisms for boosting tourism in the country is attracting more people every day towards the country. Among Turkish cities, Istanbul stands out and is even considered the capital of the country without being the capital now.

It has been revealed that the Turkish government is considering transforming the city into an island. This change is based on the historic events and treaties that bind the country’s water straits. When World War I ended, in the 1920s, along with the war of Independence of Turkey, the Treaty of Lausanne was signed. According to the Treaty, waterways of Bosphorous were made completely accessible to civilians. Its exclusivity to the military was rendered null after that.
However, in the latter decade, a fascist movement was in progress in Italy. This could lead to tensions in the straits of Bosphorous. This was when alterations were drawn into the Treaty and the straits were militarized. However, this also meant that Turkey would not be authorized to charge fees for crossing its waters. With time, this led to becoming a problem. The rest can be learned from the video below:

Ever since the end of World War II, Turkey had to face multiple issues due to the alterations of the Treaty. Soviets wanted to share in control over the Bosphorous as well because their economy heavily depended on the transport of oil tankers through the straits. These controversies and clashes of claiming control on water from multiple countries are forcing Turkey to change the topography of Istanbul into an island. This change will lead to the resolution of multiple issues and conflicts Turkey has had to face for a myriad of years.

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