Isreali Scientists Claim That They Will Have A Cure For Cancer Within A Year

The Cure For Cancer – MuTaTo – Will Be Ready In A Year

A small team comprised of Israeli scientists is claiming that it will have the ‘complete cure’ for cancer within a year. The news was reported by The Jerusalem Post on Monday. The team claims that the cure will be brief, cheap, and effective with minimal side-effects.

The Cure For Cancer – MuTaTo – Will Be Ready In A Year

Dan Aridor, the chairman of the board of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi), said, ‘We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.’ The company, AEBi, was founded back in 200 in the ITEK incubator in the Kiryat Weizmann Science Park located in Ness Ziona, Israel. It is located just north of Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

AEBi is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutic peptides. It has developed the SoAP platform – a combinatorial biology screening platform technology – that offers functional leads to difficult targets.

The Cure For Cancer – MuTaTo – Will Be Ready In A Year

Although, the experts of the field are skeptical of this news. Len Lichtenfeld, MD, ACS chief medical officer said, ‘it goes without saying, we all share the aspirational hope that they are correct. Unfortunately, we must be aware that this is far from proven as an effective treatment for people with cancer, let alone a cure.’ According to Lichtenfeld, the news report is based on very limited information that was furnished by the researchers and a company that is working on the technology. There are no publications made in the scientific literature for reviewing purposes. It is also a well-known fact that phage or peptide display techniques are not so easy to make into potential drugs. The experiment is based on a mouse experiment, and there’s a long way until it reaches the clinic from the laboratory.

The cure for cancer is being called MuTaTo (multi-target toxin). According to the research team, the drug is basically ‘on the scale of a cancer antibiotic–a disruption-technology of the highest order.’ Aridor has claimed that the cure for cancer being worked on will prove its effectiveness from the very first day and will last for a duration of a couple of weeks. He further said that the cure for cancer would ‘have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market. Our solution will be both generic and personal.’

The Cure For Cancer – MuTaTo – Will Be Ready In A Year

The cure for cancer is being worked upon by AEBi under its CEO, Dr. Ilan Morad. The said cure for cancer will be fighting cancer by making use of a mix of cancer-targeting peptides along with a toxin that will only target and kill cancer cells. As per Dr. Morad, the cure for cancer – MuTaTo – will be designed individually for every person. The patient’s biopsy will be provided to the lab where it will undergo analysis for figuring out which receptors are over-expressed. He said, ‘The individual would then be administered exactly the molecule cocktail needed to cure his disease.’

Aridor also claims that the results of their study are consistent and repeatable. Whether MuTaTo will become the much-awaited cure for cancer that we all have been waiting for still remains to be seen!

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