Is A Roundabout Better Than A 4-Way Stop? This Experiment Finds The Answer

roundabout or 4-way

Americans have never liked roundabouts, the kind of intersection used in Britain and other parts of the world that and instead, they use 4-way stops. Now engineers have always debated that the 4-way stop is safer than a roundabout section but only a fool would argue about that. The roundabouts are much safer than 4-way stops because we all know the confusion that comes with a 4-way stop whether an opposing driver is going to give you some space or not. The good thing about the roundabout is that a car cannot pass infront of you at high speed since there is turning involved and as a result, it is much safer while there are numerous incidents of head-on crashes in USA.

roundabout or 4-way3 roundabout or 4-way2

But, also people argue that the 4-way stop is actually faster than a roundabout meaning more cars can get through a 4-way stop than in the same time frame in a roundabout section. But, is it really true? This video from the Mythbusters of the Discovery Channel finds the real answer:

So, now that it has been proved, should Americans shift to the roundabouts like every other sane place in the world? Let us know in the comments!



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