Irish TV Channels Report On ‘Meteor Crater’ At A Beach – Turns Out It Was Dug By A Sunbather

An amateur astrophysicist’s excitement over discovering what he believed to be a meteor crater on a Dublin beach turned into a comical cosmic mix-up when it was revealed that the so-called crater was actually a massive hole dug by friends armed with children’s buckets and spades.

Dave Kennedy, the amateur astrophysicist in question, initially found himself in the spotlight, interviewed by a television crew who were equally intrigued by the “cosmic event.” Holding what he thought was a “meteorite,” or perhaps just a heavy rock, Kennedy pointed out a scorch mark on its side and confidently declared that it had “come from above.” He even speculated about its composition, suggesting the need for further analysis, and stated that the uniformity of the site indicated an impact location.

The incident prompted discussions among astronomy enthusiasts who debated the depth and authenticity of the “crater” discovered on Portmarnock beach in County Dublin. However, the excitement turned to amusement when a video surfaced on social media, revealing the real culprits responsible for the “crater” – a group of individuals who had playfully dug the hole using a child’s shovel during a warm Saturday in Ireland.

The social media post humorously recounted the incident, stating that the way Kennedy spoke about the rock being an asteroid had left everyone in stitches. Virgin Media later reported that the mystery surrounding the meteor strike had been unraveled.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the crater was a human-made creation during the heatwave, Dave Kennedy remained determined to have the “meteor” tested.

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