Iran Has Unveiled It’s First-Ever Domestically-Made Hypersonic Ballistic Missile


Iran made headlines on Tuesday with a groundbreaking announcement: the country proudly revealed its very own hypersonic ballistic missile called Fattah. The official IRNA news agency shared the news, highlighting the presence of President Ebrahim Rahisi and Iran’s esteemed Revolutionary Guards Corps commanders at the ceremony. According to Amirali Hajizadeh, head of the Guards’ aerospace force, the Fattah missile is a precision-guided marvel boasting an impressive 1,400 km range and the remarkable ability to penetrate all defense shields.

Iran’s propaganda machines were running full-speed when the Fattah missile was unveiled. The hype? That it could slip past even the most complex U.S. and Israeli defense systems. And that its top speed was a record-breaking Mach 14, or 15,000 km/h! This new rocket is a serious piece of technology – one that has the power to outwit some of the strongest anti-missile tech.

The Iranians recently unleashed a ballistic missile with a whopping 2,000 km reach and one-ton carrying capacity– sparking excitement for their upcoming hypersonic explosives. Confirmation of this cutting-edge development came from the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), leaving us all on the edge of our seats.

Hypersonic missiles have become the talk of the town in strategic contexts. And it’s not hard to see why; they rival jets in sheer velocity, and surpass them in agility. Five times the speed of sound! We’re talking about disruption on a whole other level when it comes to air protection. Whizzing through airspace with ease, these missiles open up new tactical opportunities for wiping out enemy forces.

American government heads have been vocal about their suspicion of Iran’s missile development, speculating that it may be related to atomic weapon production. But Iran assures us the opposite is true, and yet doubt remains. After all, Western military experts are constantly assessing the veracity of Iran’s declarations regarding rocketry capabilities.

The launch of the domestically made hypersonic ballistic missile Fattah marks a significant accomplishment for Iran as it continues to invest in its defense missile program. With the potential to alter the dynamics of air conflict, its superior capabilities raise serious questions about global security and call for continuous international attention.


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