iPhone’s Bedtime Mode Will Make Sure You Get An Adequate Amount Of Sleep


Lack of sleep and not having a defined sleeping pattern is a public health problem aggravated by the incredibly fast pace of our lives along with the glowing screens and buzzing notifications of our smartphones.

To placate the crisis, Apple recently has launched a new inbuilt app into the iOS. Unlike the plethora of useless and garbage inbuilt apps, this one is pretty neat. The default Clock app on iOS 10 now contains a customisable “Bedtime” setting allowing you to develop better sleeping habits.

Pic Credits: Apple
Pic Credits: Apple

To use it, simply open the Clock app and tap the “Bedtime” icon. Then program the app with your waking up time and the number of hours you would like to sleep.

You can also program the reminders about your bedtime. So in effect, you have an alarm to wake up, as well as an alarm to go to sleep. Now you will not have the excuse of losing track of time while sifting through Facebook or watching some season, as your phone cum mum will make sure you get the eight odd hours of shuteye that you require.

The app also allows you to manually confirm the sleep habits and track your sleep using the iPhone’s Health app without using any wearable.

Pic Credits: Apple
Pic Credits: Apple

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