iPhone X Engineer Fired After Daughter’s Video Goes Viral


Brooke Amelia Peterson, daughter of an engineer working at Apple released a vlog this past week which led to the termination of her father’s employment. That was not the intention behind her innocent video. The vlog contained footage of the yet to be released iPhone X which Amelia took on a visit to the Apple campus with her father. Once it was known that it contained new footage of Apple’s new flagship, many sites picked up the video and it went viral.

(Source: Redmond Pie)

The video contained special employee-only QR codes. The footage also showed a notes app which included code names of yet to be released Apple products. Filming in the premises of Apple campuses is strictly prohibited and filming the new iPhone X was a violation of these rules. You can see the original video here:

Terminations of such sorts are not unheard of as Microsoft dismissed an employee when his son posted pictures of Xbox 360 prior to its release. The Apple engineer had worked for the company for 4 years and had worked on iPhone RF and wireless circuit design. Even though Apple has still not confirmed the termination, Amelia has taken to the internet again and explains in a video that her father has been fired from his job as he violated the company rule by allowing her to film on the premises.


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