iPhone X Could Be Discontinued In 2018 Says Apple Analyst

iPhone X did not do so good in sales as Apple expected and there were disappointing results at the end of 2017. Even loyal Apple customers were reluctant to get the new phone. The steep price tag that accompanied it might have been one of the reasons people chose not to opt for it and preferred to wait for iPhone 8.

Ming-Chi-Kuo is a renowned Apple analyst and according to him, if the iPhone X continues on the same track as it is continuing and does not get in people’s good books, it might be discontinued. According to Kuo, the latest model of the iPhone might be at the end of its journey by Summer 2018.

(Source: Chimoosoft)

Kuo made a further prediction that Apple is most probably planning to improve on the iPhone X’s design with fresh models with an upgraded 5.8-inch phone, a 6.5-inch ‘iPhone X Plus’ and a budget 6.1-inch LCD version. If his predictions are correct, it would mean a huge shift in Apple’s normal strategy.

During the better part of the last decade, Apple has been putting older iPhone models as cheaper alternatives to the latest model. If the previous model is going to be discontinued, the customers will be forced to upgrade to the cheaper 6.1-inch phone, whether they want to or not.

(Source: BGR)

The new iPhones are expected to be released in autumn of 2018 and we will find out how many of Kuo’s predictions come true.

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