These Spectacular Features Of Upcoming iPhone X Will Startle You

A report about the release of Apple’s latest iPhone X is already out. Both Apple Insider and Business Insider published the research note written by Analyst Timothy Arcuri for the Apple’s investors, Cowen and Company. The report suggests that the sources within Apple’s supply chain think that the 2017’s launch will be a “feature-rich one,” the most significant feature being the new 5.8-inches model, the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is expected to feature curved OLED display. To make room for a true edge-to-edge screen like the Xiaomi Mi Mix, iPhone X might have the earpiece, front-facing camera, and even the fingerprint sensor embedded directly into the display.

The report also suggests that the new iPhone X might also have the latest form of facial and gesture recognition technology. According to the Arcuri’s speculation, it is:

“Supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera.”

Also, an exciting feature of wireless charging will be incorporated.

Other details in the letter are old news like the release of a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, featuring some improvements in iPhone 7.

While this is just another rumor without any evidence to back it up, many of its claims do fit in with the other rumors as well. Hence, every tech-lover is looking forward to buy this tech savvy and gadget-laden iPhone.


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