iPhone Catches Fire During Battery Replacement In Zurich


The old iPhone and their battery issues are in light since December 2017. Apple offered to replace the batteries with a discounted price of $29 instead of $79 and since the news break, Apple stores in the US and other markets are flooded with iPhones that need battery replacements. However, an Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland faced some unseen circumstances while carrying out the procedure of replacement on an iPhone 6s Plus.

According to reports, an Apple’s employee was in the middle of removing the old battery from iPhone 6s Plus when suddenly, the device caught fire and smoke started coming out of the device. All the employees and almost 50 people present in the store were evacuated from the store immediately. Fire extinguisher, police, and ambulances were called at once as the event happened. However, no major accident happened in the fire accident. The employee who was working on the device faced minor burns on hands. Seven other people were given medical treatments but none were taken to the hospital for detailed medical treatment.


The Police department of Zurich said that the staff at the store acted efficiently and timely by spraying quartz on the battery. This helped to stop the fire from spreading in the store causing further damage. The staff at the store also increased the ventilation of the room that made most of the smoke leave the store.

Apple is facing serious consequences for the way it was handling aging batteries in its own phones. For the ingenious act, the company is also facing 26 lawsuits all over the world. Apple offered to replace the batteries at a low cost, however, after this fire incident, the issue might catch more heat very soon. This is not the first time an iPhone fire incident has been reported. Many events have occurred before as well. Watch this video of an iPhone 6s Plus catching fire in a store when taken for a screen repair.

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