Here Are Some New iOS 11 Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know

You might be very eager to get your hands on iOS 11, Apple’s latest software update, for your iPhone or the iPad. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you get that upgrade. If you got it already, explore all the features of the newest operating system. Some of these features will be entirely new to you, and some will be hidden. We have packed many of those iOS features that you should learn as soon as you get the upgrade.

Control Center

There is a new control center that can be accessed by swiping from the bottom of the screen. The new design comes with a 3D Touch support, and this quick access control center can be customized from the Settings according to your need.

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Clearing Notifications

Just hold on to the X, and an option to Clear All Notifications will appear. Whoosh!

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Drag and Drop

You can simply drag and drop objects on the iOS 11. Works best on the iPad but is pretty good for the iPhone too.

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Annotate Screenshots

No need to open your screenshots in a separate app, annotate and send! Just tap on the screenshot thumbnail on the lower right corner and annotate it. Once you are done sharing, you can delete it immediately from the same interface.

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Do Not Disturb While Driving

When you are driving too fast, your phone will advise you to turn on the Do Not Disturb While Driving mode. Otherwise, you can turn it on from the Control Center.

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Apple Maps Lane Guidance

When you are using Apple Maps, it will even give you lane guidance. A brand new feature!

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Indoor maps

No more getting lost in public places, libraries, and airports with iOS 11 indoor maps.

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Screen Recording

You can enable screen recording right from the Control Center.

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QR reader

Apple just took a tad too long to incorporate a QR reader in its camera app, but finally its here and you no longer need third-party apps.

Document Scanner

Yep, get rid of the third party scanners too because now this feature is built into the Notes app.

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Storage Management

Storage management gets better with your iOS 11 update as it not only informs you of full storage but also suggests how you can fix it. Settings now have a new storage section with a lot of details on what is using your memory and how you can free it up.

Files App

If you got the update, you would have noticed the files app already. Whew! That was badly needed!

Text Siri

You cannot always talk to Siri in all places, right? Thankfully, now you can text it. Just go to Settings> Siri Menu and enable Type to Siri option.

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Instant Siri Translations

Your foreign tours are now a tad more convenient because your iPhone will translate what you are saying in real time, using an internet connection of course.

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Dark Mode

Reach Settings> Accessibility and enable the Smart Invert. Not exactly a dark mode, but inverts the display colors for you.

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The auto-brightness section has now moved to Accessibility in the Display Accommodations menu, in case you were having trouble finding it.

One-handed Keyboard

The Plus versions of iPhone may be a tad too big. However, being a person with tiny hands, I can say that even the other versions are not very handy. The option hides in the keyboard selector key or the emoji key. Tap and hold it to pick your required keyboard.

Image: iGeeksBlog

New SOS Settings

You would not want to be in a situation where you need this, but you can press the side button five times to call 911 quickly.

Wi-Fi Password Sharing

You will hardly ever need this but your friends might. iOS 11 won’t leave them disappointed!


We are sure that these tips and tricks will let you explore iOS 11 thoroughly!

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