Investigators Claim That They Have Finally Solved The Mystery Of Flight MH370 After 4 Years


Investigators have recently claimed that they have managed to solve the mystery of flight MH370. For those of you who do not remember, MH370 was a Malaysian Airlines flight that ended up vanishing with 239 people on it during a flight that took off from Kuala Lumpur and was headed to Beijing on March 2014.

Investigators Claim That The Mystery Of Flight MH370 Has Been Solved

As per a variety of news outlets, the leading air safety experts have concluded that the captain flying the plane intentionally crashed the plane. They are saying that it was a carefully and thoroughly planned murder-suicide mission.

It is being reported that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah started by depressurizing the plane. This rendered everyone else on the plane unconscious. Kindly note that these are yet only allegations. This would, however, help explain why no person on the flight made an emergency call or text as the plane turned away from the designated course.

Investigators Claim That The Mystery Of Flight MH370 Has Been Solved

It is being reported, allegedly, that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah then proceeded to fly the aircraft over his hometown of Penang. It is being reported that this was an emotional goodbye from the captain before he flew the plane into the southern Indian Ocean.

A senior Boeing 777 pilot and instructor, Simon Hardy has told 60 Minutes Australia that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah avoided detection by the military radar by making sure that he flew along the border of Malaysia and Thailand. Furthermore, CBS News also reports that the wreckage that has been uncovered up until now might also prove that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had control of the aircraft and the crash was not a high-speed aircraft crash.

However, some family members of the MH370 victims have told CBS that without any kind of forensic evidence to support this theory; they will not be convinced. What do you think? We believe that the family members do deserve more proof and should be provided with it before they are able to move on.


  1. Sid Reply

    If pilot wanted to commit suicide he has dozens of other ways availabl to kill himself. Killing hundreds of innocent passengers is not required.

  2. Aleksandar Panov Reply

    Avoiding radar detection? On a suicide mission! What’s the point?

  3. Ryan S Reply

    “proceeded to fly the aircraft over his hometown of Penang”, yeh only if you can turn your plane at any airway, what a waste of time reading this useless theory.

    • Jim Reply

      If the new theory is correct, it would imply that the Captain would have to murder his crew to prevent interference with his plan. I would guess the co-pilot was already dead.

  4. Aziz Reply

    Stupid theory. Only those people controlled by the US believe this nonsense unproved theory.

    • Rabbers Reply

      Why is it stupid? Why only those “Controlled” by the us 🙂 !! Please explain

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