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Guy Transforms A 1958 Volkswagen Pickup Into A $65,000 Jet On Wheels Travelling At 300 mph

Oklahoma Willy

This is probably the most powerful “road legal” car yet! A supercar enthusiast has transformed his worn out Volkswagen pickup into a $64,555 (£50,000) jet-powered truck that can zoom at over 300 miles per hour!

55-year-old  Perry Watkins imported a 1958 Volkswagen truck from Oklahoma and gave five years of extreme dedication in his garage in Buckinghamshire to come up with the crazy creation. The result is nothing short of astounding, as he has installed a massive 5,000 brake horsepower fighter jet engine into the pickup, which whooshes the truck at speeds of over 300 miles/hour (482 km/hour).

Mr. Watkins has recently test driven the vehicle, known as the Oklahoma Willy, at Santa Pod Raceway. The footage of the beast automobile has gone viral, amassing more than one million views online. Watkins claims that his jet-powered truck is completely road legal due to the standard engine that’s hidden under the bonnet.

Watkins now hopes that his creation will now be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s most powerful road car ever registered.

Mr. Watkins said:

‘It was extremely nerve racking the first time I drove the car under jet power.

‘I had no idea how the car would react, it is after all 60 years old and as aerodynamic as a brick.

‘The car could have spun out of control, flipped or even taken off as the 5,000 lbs of thrust was applied.

‘As it happens the car handled perfectly and the sensation of the jet propulsion I can only describe as feeling like I was strapped into a giant firework.’

Watch the wheeled jet in action in the video below!

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