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Cliphit Is A Portable Drum Kit That Can Make Drums Out of Everyday Objects

Do you like to Air drum while listening to your favorite song? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a drum kit that you could carry along and play it every now and then? To be honest, it would be annoying for others, but fun for you, right? Check out Cliphit – a gadget designed to transform objects into a drum when they are attached to it.

It makes use of clips that are sensitive and can be attached to almost any object, such as a stapler, to create the sound of drum or cymbal when struck. Cliphit has 4 slots where you can plug the sensitive clip and each clip is responsible for generating a unique drumming sound.

For the emission of sound a speaker that sits atop on the portable dome-akin device powered by battery is used. The speaker is about 3 inches and consists of an aux port for allowing users to connect their MP3 players to the device so that they can play along their favorite tunes. Cliphit is the creation of Korg , a manufacturer of electronic instruments based in Japan. The aim is to help more people take up drumming by bringing the price to a reasonable limit and making it easy to play drums.

A spokesman for the company said, ‘‘Cliphit is a new electric drum kit that’s ideal for drum practice at home or for casual playing. The clips with their internal sensor attach to anything – a magazine, desk, or almost any surface, transforming it into a snare, hi-hat, or cymbal. Cliphit will breathe new life into your drum practice and is a great way to enhance your experience and creativity.”

Sam Guy is 29 years old and works as an administrative assistant at the Eastleigh in Hampshire where he brought one to office. He shared, “It’s caused quite a stir in the office I must admit but even the bosses love it. When I first played it I attached it to items on my desk and just started playing by striking my phone and stapler over and over again. As soon as some of our favourite songs come on the radio we’re straight on the drums.” Would you buy this cool gadget?