Now You Can Have An Intellectual Conversation With The Einstein Bot On Facebook Messenger

Einstein Messenger bot (1)

Done wasting your time online talking uselessly to one person or another? Albert Einstein will fulfill your need for an intellectual conversation online. The Einstein bot is on facebook messenger now for the promotion of National Geographic’s new show Genius.

Like other bots, you might want to try talking nonsense with the Einstein, which won’t be any use because the bot will just stick to his favorite subjects and that is not limited to science.

Einstein will tell you some unexpected things about himself, like his ultimate love for the violin which he played for decades. The violin even has a name, and it’s Lina.

You can have a conversation with Einstein here, but apart from talking about other interesting aspects of the genius’ life and the universe, it won’t leave you before telling you to watch the show Genius which premiered on April 25. The bot even says good by with class, “Ah… There is still much we can discuss, but for now, I have research to attend to.”

The show marks the first National Geographic scripted series, featuring the award-winning actor Geoffry Rush as the lead. Get a glimpse of the show in the video below:


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