Intel Announces A Plan To Complete The $7 Billion Arizona Factory

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The Intel CEO, ‘Brian Krzanich’ just announced the plan to complete the abandoned semiconductor factory in Chandler, Arizona with an investment of more than $7 billion over the next three to four years.

The astounding part of the announcement is not the investment but the place where the decision was made i.e. in a meeting with the President Donald Trump. In the recent wave of politics amongst the tech climate of USA, Intel wasn’t the first one to make such a move. People have criticized the addition of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to the president’s advisory team. Some people are also looking critically at Intel’s decision to announce the project plan that was already there and does not involve the President in any way. This scenario sounds like an aftereffect of the threat made by Trump to punish those companies which move their plants outside the US. The president has also taken the credit for IBM and Sprint Inc.’s announcement for creating more job opportunities.

Source: Yahoo Finance

The Fab 42, a semiconductor factory in Arizona is planned to be completed in the next three to four years. Upon completion, it’ll produce opportunities for 3000 process engineers, equipment technicians, and support engineers. The factory was originally constructed in 2011, and an amount of almost $5 billion was spent on the project. Initially, the project was intended to manufacture PC chips. But the sudden shift from PCs to smartphones and tablets caused a decline in PC sales, and Intel had to shut down the plant.

The investment in the factory will indirectly create almost 7000 jobs. The new facility will become a part of the worldwide network of Intel plant facilities that are located in Ireland, Israel, and China. It will employ Intel’s 7-nanometer manufacturing process, making it the most advanced semiconductor facility in the world.

Source: The Inquisitr

The CEO also appreciated the President Trump’s new regulatory US tax policies explaining how the policies of the past caused disadvantages for their business.

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