Inside The Warehouse That Stores Nuclear Warheads

Abandoned Nuclear Warhead Warehouse in Ukraine

Krasnokamenka was once a closed, secret city located in Ukraine. During Soviet times, the city had many underground warehouses that were used to store nuclear warheads. From there, they were transported to various launch sites across the USSR and certain Warsaw Treaty countries.

Due to its secrecy, many myths and stories began to circulate about the city that was isolated from the world for half a century. The city was opened once Ukraine gained its independence and all nuclear warheads were shipped off to Russia. The once secretive city is now guarded by an elite regiment of “Tiger” police. Some of the underground storage tunnels are still being used to store munitions. The photos below show one of the many underground Nuclear warehouses that┬áKrasnokamenka once hid from the rest of the world. Check out the images below:

The mountain range conceals the city from prying eyes

The assembly hall and stores of the warehouse

A door leading to another portal in the warehouse

These doors weighed dozens of tons and were moved by electric motors

One of the entries to the warehouse

Most of the metal in the warehouse has been taken by looters

Another entry to the warehouse


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