Kingii Emergency Wristband Inflates To Save The Wearer From Drowning

Kingii wrist band

Death by drowning is possibly the most dreadful way to go! Usually, people drown in the ocean or rivers due to inadequate safety gear, careless swimming or sheer negligence.  According to the World Health Organisation, 372,000 people drown each year, which is a sad statistic indeed.

Kingii wristband aims to reduce that horrific number, as it aims to be the world’s smallest and noninvasive life jacket in the shape of an inflatable wristband. The device is built by a team in Gridley California and has already been making waves in terms of its phenomenal demand.

Credits: Kingii

The company website says that Kingii is

“the most universal, wearable water security device ever created and its ultimate aim is to cut the number of deaths by drowning”

The device consists of an inflatable nylon balloon stored inside a small pouch and a carbon dioxide cartridge. The wristband is to be strapped to the wearer’s wrist, and the company claims that it is as reliable as a traditional life jacket, along with being more comfortable and less bulky.

Credits: Kingii

The balloon can be inflated in less than one second by simply pulling a metal lever which triggers the CO2 cylinder to fill the balloon, floating the wearer towards the water’s surface.

The company’s founder, Tom Agapiades says he came up with the idea after he lost his friend in a drowning accident,

‘After I lost a friend in a preventable drowning accident, I developed Kingii as a way to promote the importance of water safety and, hopefully, end this type of tragedy once and for all,’ he said.

Credits: Kingii

‘Kingii is the perfect alternative to life jackets for beginner and advanced swimmers of any age. Now, for those who would previously forgo wearing a life vest, they can have the same security without the restrictions or discomfort.’

The wristband is suitable for any activity ranging from swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, and allows you more freedom than a life jacket. The device also has a built-in compass and whistle to attract attention in case of an accident. The device is reusable and is available on Amazon for $69.99.

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