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Indian Teacher Rewards Student With A BMW For Topping Engineering Entrance Exam

Tanmaya Shekhawat is one lucky Indian student who got through the highly competitive entrance test and was admitted to the Indian Institutes of Technology, IITs. IITs are the most prestigious institutes of the engineering in India and the admission into one of these establishments is a dream of many young Indian engineering aspirants.

Shekhawat clinched the 11th position in the entrance exam and was rewarded with a flashy red BMW by the teaching staff at his coaching institute. Shekhawat had been a student of the institute located in Sikar, a town in the Rajasthan state.

Image Source: Mashable

However, the ride is not brand new and was purchased by the director of the coaching academy almost two years ago. In an attempt to encourage the students, the director had announced that he would reward any student who managed to score a position among the top twenty with his BMW. The vehicle has been driven for around 1500km, and its current market value is around Rs 2.75 million ($40,900).


Image Source: Mashable


Shekhawat is proud of his achievement and said that he would learn driving to drive the first vehicle of the family from the Institute over to his home.

The fierce competition among the coaching institutes in India has resulted in an intense marketing campaign as well, whereby numerous coaching academies offer rewards to the high-performing candidates. The move is used to attract more aspirants to the coaching academy.

The town of Sikar hopes to replicate the huge success of the neighboring town Kota, renowned for its coaching academies that take in as many as 1,60,000 engineering and medicine aspirants annually. The city has also made it to the headlines owing to an alarming rate of suicide among the students which is being attributed to the high-pressure environment.

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