Indian Official Unveils Cow Dung Chips That He Claims Reduce Dangerous Cell-Phone Radiations


The lately introduced ‘Cow Dung Chips’ have raised a significant controversial debate in India, and as it is introduced, the controversy might lead to other countries.

A significant figure from the Animal Husbandry department has lately classified these cow dung chips to safeguard humans from the dangerous radiations coming out of the cellphones. The product was introduced earlier. However, it caught more and more attention when it was introduced at the press conference.

Vallabhbhai Kathiria from the Animal Husbandry department has strongly recommended it. He stated that the use of cow dung chips could protect against numerous diseases as well as reduce the cell-phone radiations.

From the information known till now, the chip is said to be named ‘Gausatva Kavach’ and will be produced by Shrijee Gaushala based in India’s Rajkot estate. However, its production will be increased soon, and around five-hundred Gaushala’s across the country will be manufacturing these anti-radiation chips.

Most amazingly, the cow dung chip will cost only $0.70, and the max price, for now, could go up to $1.40, making the product go out in everyone’s reach. If it’s true, it might be one of the cheapest and most effective disease prevention devices. The product is announced to soon step into the international market, including the U.S.

The press conference saw some huge claims regarding the effectiveness of cow dung chips. It stated that if it’s placed on a cell-phone, it will make it a-hundred-percent radiation free. And the chairman made open challenges to research institutes all over the globe to prove if it’s not effective, run as many tests as anyone wants!

The chairman’s confident statements, however, saw an early criticism. The scientists believe that such a device capable of absorbing all the radiation should be approved by running rigorous tests, peer-reviewed studies, and initial results before hitting the market. And that too, with all those early claims, it’s just not professional.

It is a known fact that in Hindu culture and religion, they place cows at a very high place spiritually and consider them as one of their Gods. It is also believed that they bring health and well-being. The introduction of these cow dung chips has lit a huge controversy in Inda.

Given the claims of Indian Animal Husbandry, there is no need to purchase an expensive anti-radiation 5G USB Stick when you can safeguard yourself from many dangerous radiations with a cheap Cow Dung Chip.


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